Saturday, June 5, 2010

Russian Blue

I want cat
My old man says no
Thought about cats doing 'cat things'
Zachary German has cat
I want a keut lil' cat to 'chill soft' w/ 
Let me be a sleepy cat w/ cat
Russian Blue, how blue you make me
I want to listen to Joy Division w/ cat
Just want to be infinite w/ cat
I want cat

Thursday, April 29, 2010


I was hanging out with Kevin, I mentioned that smoking has its benefits. Someone said 'fuck yeah', and we laughed. It seems that for the most part smoking does make one look 'cool/rad/legit'. Sure there's the whole cancer and coughing thing, but there is something rather attractive.

Thought about the 50's when it was socially acceptable to 'smoke in public'. Feel like most of the people who don't find smoking attractive are usually the 'smarter/nerdier' kind of people. Second-hand smoking is also pretty much 'just as rad'. Hanging out with people who do smoke is often seen as 'pretty damn cool'. A bro that is smoking, leg perpendicular to the wall, looks 'laid back as fuck'... and at very least somewhat introspective.

Remembered talking to Genavieve about smoking on several occasions. We were underage at the time, couldn't smoke on a particular day due to time constraints and that it was presumable one would get 'totally caught'.

Smoking is like whatever. I do find smoking attractive... depends on the person I guess.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Totes going to go in a 'new direction' yall.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Woke up in the morning feeling better than usual. Took a shower, got dressed and ate some 'cuties' brand citrus things....I think they're tangerines. I pronounced cuties as cut-ies and pretended I was a 'really ghetto' kid living in the suburbs.

Went to school, I spent some time in the science building before going to Economics. Set my backpack down with a 'loud thump'. Horatio said somethings. I remember I said something about being pretty good at monopoly. We got put into monopoly groups and we played monopoly.

I used the car. Somebody said something about the girls having to use the iron and the thimble as their player pieces, Some people laughed. We 'rolled them bones', some kids rolled them better. One kid kept shaking the dice for too long, made comment 'after three shakes you're just playing with yourself'.

Liv Gurl landed on and bought the 'cheapo properties', I proceeded to land on her 'cheapo property' we agreed that she owned a brothel on the 'cheapo property', thanked Liv Gurl for her 'cheapo property' services. Somebody said that monopoly was 'very realistic', same person pointed out racial stereotypes that were 'held up' during gameplay.

More jokes involving race and sex were made. We all laughed quite a bit. Roman asked if I did the poem for 'search for meaning' class. Thought 'shit. fuck. what are the lyrics for pokerface?'. Tried to remember, to 'no avail', the words to the 'pokerface song'.

Walked with broseph to 'search for meaning' we talked about things. Got to class and tried to remember the lyrics for 'pokerface', not being able to remember the lyrics for 'pokerface' I asked Kelsey to look up the lyrics. Kelsey looked up the lyrics for the 'pokerface song'. I copied the lyrics, a girl asked me if I was copying a poem. I said 'something like that'. Teach told the class I was 'reading my poem'. The class settled down, I began reading the 'pokerface song' lyrics to the class in a somewhat monotone voice. The class broke into laughter, the teacher wasn't amused/ seemed to not realize it was a song. She made a comment about teens having to 'deal with' sex. Got 'mad props' for pulling that stunt, left class.

Saw the droogs, we chilled a bit before our next class after break.
Went to my next class. Orchestra was alright, spoke to Kirra she wanted to make our conversation awkward even thought it wasn't going to be awkward. She 'made a gesture' towards her bag, felt awkward but I shouldn't have. We played well today.

4th period was alright, I like being a T.A.
did math stuff in math class.

Walked home, got ready for tennis practice. Went to tennis practice, missed so much but felt good. Partnered with 'Horachio' and started doing pretty well. Thought 'damn Horachio got hella better'. A teammate said 'Horachio got a lot better'. Practice ended.

Mother bear was not waiting for me in the parking lot. Didn't want to wait for her so I decided to walk home. I was across the street from the house. I heard my mother's truck make that rather distinct 'annoying beep' it makes. Totally 'bolted towards' cover behind the f-250. I circled the truck and tried to make sure to 'stay concealed' from my mother bear. After making sure my mother drove away, I ran into the house. I put my arms 'around myself' as if to hold viscera from falling out. I 'rolled on the kitchen floor and laughed'.

Felt highly pleased with myself, parental bro noticed mother bear didn't follow me back into the house. Sister and Father realized what I had done and called mother to come back home. Mother bear was 'totes pissed' she chased me a bit, and I laughed. Parental bro said I shouldn't go to sleep yet, I took a shower and went to sleep anyways.

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Today was strange, I felt as though I was on 'auto pilot'.
Economics was rather mundane we did nothing notable.

Search for meaning was sort of fun, we sat at a table and read our poems. I read 'a poem written by a cow', It was received well. Teacher asked me why I would write 'something like that'. Some read an 'explicit poem'. Thought about The Raven.

The whole day felt empty.

Performed with the district orchestras today. We played 2 songs as a group. Middle, High, and Elementary students attended. Each school's orchestra played some songs. Talked to Lucas, 'made comments' on how one's seating in an orchestra influences how one plays. Saw kids from when I was in middle/elementary school.

Felt we played well. We played a song named 'Flight 95' it was written by our music teacher while he was on a flight from New York to Oakland. We also performed 'Overture' by Rossini.

Feels vapid.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I woke at ~2:50 a.m., I got ready to go to the gym. Went downstairs and ate some fruit. Turned the television on but spent my time focusing on my fruit. Parental Bro set his bag down and asked me if I was eating. I said, I was eating.

We went to the gym, we exercised. I thought 'I'm exercising, so hard'. Got done with my workout, thought I should 'pump iron'. I felt vain. Finished getting exercise, took a shower.

Arrived at school earlier than usual, sat down next to some kids doing homework and read the I Ching. Read about the 8th hexagram. Allison sat down, I said 'hi seagull'. I told her I don't particularly like seagulls, but I liked her. We talked about seagulls, Seagull showed me an orange, I pulled out a mango. She said that the mango was 'pretty mexican', I showed her a blood orange. Noticed the mango had a sticker on it that said 'bunny', Seagull drew a bunny face on my mango with paint markers. Cut 'floppy bunny ears' into the mango. Drew a face on the blood orange. Put the fruit away. Left and went to the Science building. Showed off the mango bunny.

The bell rang, I walked to class. I saw the girl with the neat Amoeba bag on my way to class. Our teacher took roll, 'nowmee' wasn't present. Said something about not being able to get any work done without her. Mentioned I needed her in 'search for meaning' class. Nowmee showed up late, felt relieved. Ate mango bunny. Said things, people thought things were funny.

Bell rang went to search for meaning, saw Jordan on my way to search for meaning. Jordan and I did that 'one thing' we used to do freshmen year. Read something I wrote, a few minutes before the bell rang, to the class...the teacher seemed to think I might not have been prepared. She said something positive about my vocabulary. The paper I wrote was about sex, I made sure it was explicit but in a way that it wouldn't be apparent on the 1st reading. Thought funny things, kept them to myself.

Talked to Genavieve during break, remembered she's going to cut my hair on 04•17•10. Walked to the music room together. We got a snack from the vending machine. Said bye to Genavieve.

Saw Ashley, thought about exclaiming the word 'raggle', 'refrained myself' from exclaiming 'raggle'. Hugged Ashely. Said things to Ashley, said bye to Ashley.

Talked to sister, sister asked about the bunny mango/mango bunny. I told her I already ate the mango bunny. She expressed something less severe than disdain, as she seemed upset she didn't get to see it. Got my instrument and sat down. played, then put my instrument away. Walked to Principles of Tech (PoT class) with Tara and Elaine. Talked to people. Saw Jordan said 'Ey Jorday' pretty loud. Got to 'pot class' on time, said to Junior a recurring joke between us. Spoke to Sal, we proceeded to 'totally pwn' in Age of Empires. We had a sub. Left pot class.

Went to math, took a quiz in math. left math. Went to Journalism class. Talked a lot, messed with the admins on the computers. Rowanne said something about me being cool. Tried to go to HRO, it was blocked b.c of Pornography/Adult content. A girl said I was cute, I said thanks. Showed my friend how to use photoshop, his skills on MS Paint are amazing. Went to another class then went home.

Went to sleep.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Monday was pretty great, I didn't sleep but I felt myself wake at ~3:30 a.m.

I made myself a peanut butter and strawberry jelly sammich for breakfast, I watched part of a film named 'Volando Voy'. I liked parts of it but I felt detached.

A deluge of rain fell over the valley today. I think some of my favorite days are rainy days. Rainy days at school are wonderful.

I saw Ali, I've known her since middle school...she's one of my best friends, she used to pull my hair. Ali said hi, I asked her if she was a cat. She said she was a cat. I asked her if that was true, she said she had been a cat for a long time. I called her Ali-cat. Ali had a rainbow umbrella, I like rainbow umbrellas. Thought about Ali being an Ali-cat. Ali said 'meow'. I said 'bye Ali-cat', she said bye.

Walked with Steven to 'search for meaning' class, we talked about things. We thought said things were funny. We laughed. We encountered a wall of 'hispanic students', we went through the middle as there was 'no way' we could have gone around.

Wrote an anthem in class. Cassie said something. Called Naomi, 'nowmee'. I kept 'nodding off' during the film.

Had a bagel with cream cheese. Jordan said/mentioned I was really late or something. Gave Genavieve a high five, seemed legitimate. Mason left, but made us all have eye contact with him before he left. Genavieve laughed because Mason did something funny. Genavieve left. Dylan said he needed a new 6-string. Left for Orchestra class.

Talked to Diane, I liked her readers. I told her I liked her readers. Played 'duck, duck, goose' except we didn't run or anything. Noticed Caleb had the most nifty Pokémon backpack ever. Took out my violin, tuned my violin, put my violin in 'rest position', played violin, put violin away, and left.

Rosales informed T.A's that we will be having a sub on 04•13•10. Played 'Age of Empires', I used the Huns. Remembered the song from Mulan about defeating Huns. didn't know words. Hummed the Mulan song.

Talked about things during lunch. Ate a 'spicy ceaser salad wrap'. Laughed about things during lunch. Eloy 'signed me up' for the pancake breakfast. Thought about pancakes, thought racist/prejudiced thoughts about pancakes and the people who consume them.

Went to math, took notes...sort of. Saw a kid through the window walking. He had his earphones in and started to dance while walking. He got 'hella into' his music. Started laughing, Andrea started laughing. People sitting in front of us didn't know why we were laughing.

Went to sleep at 6, Sister woke me at ~8 p.m.
I told her she 'woke me up wrong', I said something about being on another plane of existence and wanted to sleep so I could wake in a more proper plane of existence. After much struggle she let me go to back to sleep.