Sunday, April 11, 2010


Today was a better day than Yesterday, feel Monday is going to be 'totally rad'. I did not sleep the night prior to Today. I don't like sleeping anymore, seems like I lost my ability to dream lucidly.

I took a Shower at ~6:30 a.m., the sun rises at ~6:30 a.m. during this time of the year.I talked to my cousin Winddek on IM. We played video games online and said the word 'Son' a lot.

I ate an organic banana, some tangerines, some strawberries and a 'golden delicious' apple for breakfast.

Parental Bro and Mother Bear came back to the house from somewhere, I said 'hello'. They were tired so they just kind of 'listlessly plopped' onto their bed and fell asleep. I listened to Dum Dum Girls and tried not to fall asleep. I fell asleep. I woke up 'really late'. Sister tried to wake me, I think I yelled at her......not certain.

Took a shower because my hair was 'disheveled', however not to my liking.

I put on my clothes + glasses, and got in the car, went to my cousins' birthday party. We played 'beer pong'. I drew a face on my ping pong ball. I threw it at the cups. It fell in sometimes. Ate cake, Played DJ Hero with my younger cousin. Listened to 'Grass' on the way home. Thought about making tea ~3-5 times.

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