Saturday, April 17, 2010


Today was strange, I felt as though I was on 'auto pilot'.
Economics was rather mundane we did nothing notable.

Search for meaning was sort of fun, we sat at a table and read our poems. I read 'a poem written by a cow', It was received well. Teacher asked me why I would write 'something like that'. Some read an 'explicit poem'. Thought about The Raven.

The whole day felt empty.

Performed with the district orchestras today. We played 2 songs as a group. Middle, High, and Elementary students attended. Each school's orchestra played some songs. Talked to Lucas, 'made comments' on how one's seating in an orchestra influences how one plays. Saw kids from when I was in middle/elementary school.

Felt we played well. We played a song named 'Flight 95' it was written by our music teacher while he was on a flight from New York to Oakland. We also performed 'Overture' by Rossini.

Feels vapid.

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