Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Monday was pretty great, I didn't sleep but I felt myself wake at ~3:30 a.m.

I made myself a peanut butter and strawberry jelly sammich for breakfast, I watched part of a film named 'Volando Voy'. I liked parts of it but I felt detached.

A deluge of rain fell over the valley today. I think some of my favorite days are rainy days. Rainy days at school are wonderful.

I saw Ali, I've known her since middle school...she's one of my best friends, she used to pull my hair. Ali said hi, I asked her if she was a cat. She said she was a cat. I asked her if that was true, she said she had been a cat for a long time. I called her Ali-cat. Ali had a rainbow umbrella, I like rainbow umbrellas. Thought about Ali being an Ali-cat. Ali said 'meow'. I said 'bye Ali-cat', she said bye.

Walked with Steven to 'search for meaning' class, we talked about things. We thought said things were funny. We laughed. We encountered a wall of 'hispanic students', we went through the middle as there was 'no way' we could have gone around.

Wrote an anthem in class. Cassie said something. Called Naomi, 'nowmee'. I kept 'nodding off' during the film.

Had a bagel with cream cheese. Jordan said/mentioned I was really late or something. Gave Genavieve a high five, seemed legitimate. Mason left, but made us all have eye contact with him before he left. Genavieve laughed because Mason did something funny. Genavieve left. Dylan said he needed a new 6-string. Left for Orchestra class.

Talked to Diane, I liked her readers. I told her I liked her readers. Played 'duck, duck, goose' except we didn't run or anything. Noticed Caleb had the most nifty Pokémon backpack ever. Took out my violin, tuned my violin, put my violin in 'rest position', played violin, put violin away, and left.

Rosales informed T.A's that we will be having a sub on 04•13•10. Played 'Age of Empires', I used the Huns. Remembered the song from Mulan about defeating Huns. didn't know words. Hummed the Mulan song.

Talked about things during lunch. Ate a 'spicy ceaser salad wrap'. Laughed about things during lunch. Eloy 'signed me up' for the pancake breakfast. Thought about pancakes, thought racist/prejudiced thoughts about pancakes and the people who consume them.

Went to math, took notes...sort of. Saw a kid through the window walking. He had his earphones in and started to dance while walking. He got 'hella into' his music. Started laughing, Andrea started laughing. People sitting in front of us didn't know why we were laughing.

Went to sleep at 6, Sister woke me at ~8 p.m.
I told her she 'woke me up wrong', I said something about being on another plane of existence and wanted to sleep so I could wake in a more proper plane of existence. After much struggle she let me go to back to sleep.

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