Thursday, April 29, 2010


I was hanging out with Kevin, I mentioned that smoking has its benefits. Someone said 'fuck yeah', and we laughed. It seems that for the most part smoking does make one look 'cool/rad/legit'. Sure there's the whole cancer and coughing thing, but there is something rather attractive.

Thought about the 50's when it was socially acceptable to 'smoke in public'. Feel like most of the people who don't find smoking attractive are usually the 'smarter/nerdier' kind of people. Second-hand smoking is also pretty much 'just as rad'. Hanging out with people who do smoke is often seen as 'pretty damn cool'. A bro that is smoking, leg perpendicular to the wall, looks 'laid back as fuck'... and at very least somewhat introspective.

Remembered talking to Genavieve about smoking on several occasions. We were underage at the time, couldn't smoke on a particular day due to time constraints and that it was presumable one would get 'totally caught'.

Smoking is like whatever. I do find smoking attractive... depends on the person I guess.

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