Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I woke at ~2:50 a.m., I got ready to go to the gym. Went downstairs and ate some fruit. Turned the television on but spent my time focusing on my fruit. Parental Bro set his bag down and asked me if I was eating. I said, I was eating.

We went to the gym, we exercised. I thought 'I'm exercising, so hard'. Got done with my workout, thought I should 'pump iron'. I felt vain. Finished getting exercise, took a shower.

Arrived at school earlier than usual, sat down next to some kids doing homework and read the I Ching. Read about the 8th hexagram. Allison sat down, I said 'hi seagull'. I told her I don't particularly like seagulls, but I liked her. We talked about seagulls, Seagull showed me an orange, I pulled out a mango. She said that the mango was 'pretty mexican', I showed her a blood orange. Noticed the mango had a sticker on it that said 'bunny', Seagull drew a bunny face on my mango with paint markers. Cut 'floppy bunny ears' into the mango. Drew a face on the blood orange. Put the fruit away. Left and went to the Science building. Showed off the mango bunny.

The bell rang, I walked to class. I saw the girl with the neat Amoeba bag on my way to class. Our teacher took roll, 'nowmee' wasn't present. Said something about not being able to get any work done without her. Mentioned I needed her in 'search for meaning' class. Nowmee showed up late, felt relieved. Ate mango bunny. Said things, people thought things were funny.

Bell rang went to search for meaning, saw Jordan on my way to search for meaning. Jordan and I did that 'one thing' we used to do freshmen year. Read something I wrote, a few minutes before the bell rang, to the class...the teacher seemed to think I might not have been prepared. She said something positive about my vocabulary. The paper I wrote was about sex, I made sure it was explicit but in a way that it wouldn't be apparent on the 1st reading. Thought funny things, kept them to myself.

Talked to Genavieve during break, remembered she's going to cut my hair on 04•17•10. Walked to the music room together. We got a snack from the vending machine. Said bye to Genavieve.

Saw Ashley, thought about exclaiming the word 'raggle', 'refrained myself' from exclaiming 'raggle'. Hugged Ashely. Said things to Ashley, said bye to Ashley.

Talked to sister, sister asked about the bunny mango/mango bunny. I told her I already ate the mango bunny. She expressed something less severe than disdain, as she seemed upset she didn't get to see it. Got my instrument and sat down. played, then put my instrument away. Walked to Principles of Tech (PoT class) with Tara and Elaine. Talked to people. Saw Jordan said 'Ey Jorday' pretty loud. Got to 'pot class' on time, said to Junior a recurring joke between us. Spoke to Sal, we proceeded to 'totally pwn' in Age of Empires. We had a sub. Left pot class.

Went to math, took a quiz in math. left math. Went to Journalism class. Talked a lot, messed with the admins on the computers. Rowanne said something about me being cool. Tried to go to HRO, it was blocked b.c of Pornography/Adult content. A girl said I was cute, I said thanks. Showed my friend how to use photoshop, his skills on MS Paint are amazing. Went to another class then went home.

Went to sleep.

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